Leadership for Strategic Impact: The Missing Link Between Quality, Value, Excellence, and the Great American Dream


Lewis, J. Michael   (1996, ASQC)   Holston Defense Corp., Eastman Chemical Company, Kingsport, TN 37600

Annual Quality Congress, Chicago, IL    Vol. 50    No. 0
QICID: 10401    May 1996    pp. 241-248
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Article Abstract

The Quality Community needs to establish a meaningful definition of leadership and to establish more effective processes for becoming a leader. Increasing complexities in business and society call for new methods of leadership.

Leadership for Strategic Impact (LSI) defines leadership as choosing to make strategically important things happen by having meaningful influence and impact. A number of factors influence LSI:

  • (1) Individual leadership, which means choosing what you want to do and maintaining the focus, discipline, and enthusiasm to complete the tasks.
  • (2) Business Leadership, which requires being able to choose the right avenue for business success.
  • (3) Executive Leadership, which is being able to support a whole organization in meeting its goals and fulfilling its mission;
  • (4) Team Leadership, which is helping make those around you successfully contribute to the larger organization;
  • (5) Process Leadership, the skill of being able to design, find, and effectively use the best-known methods to accomplish your work;
  • (6) Performance Leadership, becoming the best in a chosen area of performance.
Our understanding and implementation of leadership principles needs to make a giant leap forward. As new methods for training leaders are developed, our society has a better chance of obtaining The Great American Dream, with each generation better off than their parents.


Leadership,Strategic planning,Management styles

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