Getting Beyond Cowboy Management: Why "Shooting From the Hip" Aims to Fail


Derry, Christopher J.   (1996, ASQC)   QuantumLeap, Bowling Green, KY 42104

Annual Quality Congress, Chicago, IL    Vol. 50    No. 0
QICID: 10390    May 1996    pp. 180-182
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Article Abstract

Lone Ranger decision-making can be a disastrous management style for today's construction companies. Using top-down control and remaining too involved in every aspect of their business, owners undermine the company's ability to survive.

Owners must move to an organizational improvement process which includes the following aspects: (1) Management Steering Team, (2) Strategic Planning Process and Plan, (3) organized improvement projects, (4) removal of communication barriers, and (5) enhanced leadership skills of owners.In today's business environment, organizational improvement is not a luxury but a necessity. To retain key people and remain competitive, owners must develop effective processes for sharing responsibilities.


Communication,Strategic planning,Leadership,Information management

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