Quality, Leadership and the Power of Teams


Sanes, Christina   (1995, ASQC)   AT&T Bell Laboratories, Whippany, NJ 07981

Annual Quality Congress, Cincinnati OH    Vol. 49    No. 0
QICID: 10209    May 1995    pp. 107-112
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Article Abstract

Quality, Leadership, and Teamwork can provide an organization with competitive advantages that have a profound impact on its success. Each of these three elements requires the other two. They are intertwined.

Organizations often focus much of their attention on the tools used in implementing quality programs; however tools by themselves won't make a business successful. Businesses must not lose sight of the fact that the customer is the real motive for quality efforts. In addition to expecting customer satisfaction, customers are also demanding that products and services provide greater value. Leadership, another critical element in the organization's success, may be part of the problem if leadership styles do not fit with quality methodologies and teamwork styles. Leadership should eliminate barriers, build supportive infrastructures, provide opportunities for growth, and promote communication. Teamwork, the third element in the formula for success, is instrumental in changing corporate cultures and resolving problems. Companies that have benefitted from effective teams include Johnsonville Foods, the Black-and-White Film Manufacturing Division of Kodak, AT&T, and many others.

The convergence of Quality, Leadership, and Teamwork is difficult to implement. Much depends upon the organization's product and service mix, customer base, and environment.


Business partnerships,Teams,Leadership,Culture

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