Using Discovery to Teach Quality Technology


Johnson, Michael; Ellibee, Ardis   (1994, ASQC)   Plan-Test Associates, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Annual Quality Congress, Las Vegas NV    Vol. 48    No. 0
QICID: 10114    May 1994    pp. 337-342
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Article Abstract

This paper explores a different approach to learning. Hands-on training should give students the opportunity to discover concepts for themselves and to think critically and creatively.

The authors use a training tool called the Datapult; it shoots balls at randomly positioned targets. The authors use Datapults in their workshops on Design of Experiments (DOE) and Statistical Process Control (SPC), with an emphasis on self discovery rather than formal lecturing. On Day 1 of the workshop, students participate in the "Dabbling" stage and brainstorming sessions; often, they learn important concepts as they go from Attributes to Variables, create X-bar and R charts, and learn charting concepts. On Day 2, students discover the benefits of Statistical Design of Experiments (SDE), which process variables affect variability and which affect distance, and the usefulness of mathematical models. On Day 3, students discuss fractional factorial designs the application of SDE to customer satisfaction.

The process of discovery helps students develop their thinking skills rather than simply learning facts. The Datapult has been a useful tool in implementing this philosophy.


Brainstorming,Teams,Statistical process control (SPC),Design of experiments (DOE)

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