Making the Pitch in the Executive Suite


Daniels, Susan E.; Hagen, Mark R.   (1999, ASQ)   ASQ, Milwaukee, WI

Quality Progress    Vol. 32    No. 4
QICID: 13386    April 1999    pp. 25-33

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Article Abstract

Quality practitioners at six Baldrige Award winning companies have advice on helping senior executives buy into quality initiatives. At Texas Nameplate Company, Dale Crownover suggests documentation on monetary losses in areas like absenteeism, downtime due to poor maintenance, and the absence of procedures. A Pareto analysis is a good documentation tool. Larry Winegard of Solar Turbines, Inc. recommends showing top management the return on quality, the importance of continuous improvement, and the role of the Baldrige Award as a milestone. For Boeing Airlift and Tanker Programs, the quality evangelizer is Randy Miser, who sees a vital role for information. For example, talking to Baldrige Award winners is a great way to reduce skepticism about quality initiatives. Duane Miller of 3M Dental Division suggests emphasizing the integrative nature of quality and its role in meeting company goals. Resistance can be decreased and credibility increased by starting out with relatively small initiatives. At Xerox Business Services, John Lawrence says that the quality cost accounting system should not overshadow the role of quality in meeting customer needs. And at Merrill Lynch Credit Corp., Lee Lomax recommends thorough planning; linking quality benefits to stakeholder needs; focusing more on business practices than on winning awards; and ongoing communication of results from quality initiatives. Accompanying this article are ten tips for selling quality to senior executives and three book excerpts: from Principles of Quality Costs: Principles, Implementation, and Use - Third Edition (ASQ Quality Press item H1013); from Quality Costs: Ideas & Applications, A Collection of Papers, Volume 1 - Second Edition (ASQ Quality Press item H0565); and from Linking Quality to Profits: Quality-Based Cost Management (ASQ Quality Press item H0725).


Cost of quality (COQ),Commitment,Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA),Upper management,Implementation

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