Software Quality Professional - March 2004 - ASQ

Software Quality Professional - March 2004

Volume 6 • Number 2


  • The Uses and Abuses of Software Metrics (PDF, 158 KB)
    This article discusses aspects of the use of metrics beyond the goal/question/metric paradigm. It suggests that ignoring data types and limitations, or using data analysis inappropriately, is common and leads to making incorrect decisions.
    Pat Cross


  • The Value of a Good Checklist (PDF, 207 KB)
    Checklists are widely used in software development for a variety of purposes, such as measuring phase completion and readiness to proceed with work, guiding reviews of work, and ensuring adherence to procedures. The quality of a checklist, and thus its usefulness, often depends on how it was produced.
    Dan Houston


  • Steer Clear of Hazards on the Road to Software Measurement Success (PDF, 177 KB) * OPEN ACCESS *
    While a well-designed and planned measurement program can definitively illustrate the results of process improvement, a poorly planned measurement program can actually inflict damage—leaving an organization and its members
    with volumes of data and unanticipated dysfunction.
    Patricia A. McQuaid and Carol A. Dekkers
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