Software Quality Professional Feedback - September 2002 - ASQ

Software Quality Professional Feedback - September 2002


The online reader survey is your opportunity to help shape the future of Software Quality Professional. Here are some recent questions and sample responses.

Additional features you would find value in:

“Acquisition themes.”

“I would like to see short essays written by software quality practitioners on a common topic. You could post topics several issues ahead and then invite people to submit short (no more than one-page) responses.”

“More on software metrics.”

“Software auditing based on current standards.”

Reasons for not renewing subscription:

“My time gets more and more compressed—have to back off on some periodicals.”

“Not working in the field right now.”

“Since changed jobs, not as involved in software quality.”

What specific industry topics would you like to see featured in Software Quality Professional?

  • Accreditation: What is it? What good is it? What does it entail? How is it accomplished? When is it required, or is it required?
  • Benchmark studies on various development and testing processes
  • Process improvements—How to gain management support
  • Implementation of SQA in high-maturity companies
  • More articles to help those in the beginning stages and not in large (relative to company size) development organizations
  • Practical methods of software testing, practical methods of software configuration management
  • Lessons learned from a variety of platforms and technology
  • Test strategies. Test management tools. Defect tracking tools. Test automation tools.
  • Testing methods for Web services
  • Supplier quality performance metrics

Please provide any additional comments or suggestions regarding the value you find in Software Quality Professional:

“Often use articles from the magazine as topics for my Software Engineering Process Group’s Lunch ’n Learn sessions.”

SQP should keep us current on latest processes, methods, and standards.”

SQP is good, but appears to be a bit ‘stuffy.’ Take out the long lists of citations and the
formulas with calculus in them and put in more common-sense advice on how to get people to do the right things.”

“More details within the articles. There is often not enough information to apply the concepts.”

“Often articles are too detailed and specific to apply to what I need. More short topic articles could be valuable.”

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