Software Quality Professional Feedback - March 2002 - ASQ

Software Quality Professional Feedback - March 2002


“You may already be a winner!” Well, not quite…although two readers who responded to our online feedback survey for the last issue did win $50 gift certificates from ASQ Quality Press.

“You can’t win if you don’t enter” would be more accurate. We need your responses in order to improve the journal…enough that we will bribe you to respond.

Thanks to all of you—whatever your motives—who have provided feedback. And what have you been saying about SQP?

“A great source of both general and specific information. A major challenge in my line of work is keeping abreast of changing technologies and industry practices: SQP is a great source of information.”

“I find the articles very useful. I frequently download the available articles from the Web to send to the project managers I work with to help them in their work.”

“I always enjoy the articles that include practical detailed examples.”

What content are you looking for?

“More Web development/e-commerce issues.”

“Coaching methods in QA.”

“More on development methodology, measurement and metrics, distinctions between QA/QC as applied to software.”

“E-business and portal quality management.”

“Reuse, reengineering, change management techniques to improve the plight of the software quality professional.”

“Role of software quality in promoting education/professional development of overall engineering development staff.”

“Practical software quality metrics—both process metrics and outcome metrics.”

What features would you like to see?

“Departments on metrics and on management would be good.”

“Book reviews, bibliographies. For example, what books on the quality field in general apply to software quality—and what are their limitations? What books on software development methodology are being published and how do they deal with software quality?”

“Continue to discuss requirements issues. Someone in procurement recently submitted the reduction or removal of requirements specifications as an effective method for cutting the time to deliver a new product. How scary!”

Please keep providing your feedback. We’ll keep offering prizes.

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