Software Quality Professional Overview - December 2001 - ASQ

Software Quality Professional Overview - December 2001


Welcome to the fourth year of publication for SQP. In this volume of the journal we will be changing some of our topical categories to reflect the revised body of knowledge for the ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer.

We will also be highlighting specific contemporary application areas where SQP’s readers are increasingly involved. E-business is the theme of two main features in this issue.

James Harrington and Tom Mc Nellis provide insights into "Six Sigma for Internet Application Development." When one can no longer undertake “business as usual,” practitioners can arm themselves with proven tools for quality improvement initiatives. Mapping the Six Sigma quality process (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) against the software development life cycle, these authors identify tools and processes for use at each phase.

The challenges of online business transactions might seem as great as their potential for expanded commercial opportunities. New customers and new legal requirements provide both possibilities and risks in abundance. "Quality and E-Commerce: Online Sales, Automated Contracts, and Legal Issues (Members Only)" is offered by Helena Haapio, an attorney with an international practice in what is known as preventive law. Walking readers through a hypothetical shopping tour, she notes the pitfalls and corresponding proactive procedures to address such concerns.

This issue also continues SQP’s practice of showcasing significant lessons from applied research performed around the world. Giacomo Bucci, Maurizio Campana, and Giovanni A. Cignoni present their experiences with "Rapid Assessment to Solicit Process Improvement in Small and Medium-Sized Organizations (Members Only)." These authors discuss a useful means of both diffusing software best practices and proposing actual improvement paths.

The Resource Reviews section carries the e-business theme forward with a review of The eProcess Edge: Creating Customer Value and Business Wealth in the Internet Era. There is also an evaluation of a cost-of-quality software tool, as well as treatments of books on software quality assurance, testing, and a range of management issues, including software quality management, requirements management, and knowledge management.

This issue has extensive supplemental material available exclusively online, where you will also be able to respond to the reader feedback survey.

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