Software Quality Professional Feedback - December 2001 - ASQ

Software Quality Professional Feedback - December 2001


We know you’re out there. There were almost 2000 different visitors to our Web site last month, averaging nearly 10 minutes per visit.

What we don’t know is exactly what you think of us. Each issue has an online survey for reader evaluation of specific articles, as well as the journal’s overall value. It is difficult, however, to draw conclusions from the small sample of responses we have been receiving.

Here are a few answers received to specific questions in our recent surveying.

What additional features within SQP would you find value in?

“Quality Careers. An overview of the industry standard description of different careers in the QA/QC profession. Also, biographies of certain individuals in the industry.”

“Review of SQA basics for people new to SQP.”

“Look at licensure, article related to various professions.”

What specific industry topics would you like to see featured in Software Quality Professional?

“Software validation.”

“More on software configuration management and reviews of software applications that relate to SCM and software testing.”

“Updates on process or certification programs.”

“Beginners’ topics and basics.”

“Teaching/learning the craft, small shops, nonmanufacturing shops.”

“Extreme programming.”

Please provide any additional comments or suggestions regarding the value you find in Software Quality Professional.

SQP is a great resource/tool of information you can use and relate to. Keep up the great job!”

“The articles that directly relate to my job responsibilities are the best I’ve run across in any publication.”

“More tutorials would be appreciated.”

“I strongly advise to send a full-text CD version of the past year’s content and/or subscriber online access of full text including a search


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