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Webliography and Additional Links for Quality and E-Commerce: Online Sales, Automated Contracts, and Legal Issues


Helena Haapio, Lexpert Ltd.

E-commerce consists of transactions and relationships. According to Philip Crosby, quality management’s purpose is to make all transactions complete and correct, while all relationships are to be successful (Crosby 1996). This article discusses Crosby’s profound truth in the context of e-commerce.

The global reach of online stores automatically involves new customer and legal requirements. Misunderstandings can easily arise and sour relationships. An online storefront can help minimize risks and make quality an integral part of online sales—provided the store was designed and built with these goals.

A systematic approach is needed to identify and respond to quality and legal issues faced in converting to electronic processes. Management, rather than programmers, should be in charge of a company’s online store. This article introduces the concept of “Safe Sales”: building quality, risk management, and proactive legal planning into
e-commerce. This article demonstrates how e-commerce benefits from quality, technical, and legal profes-sionals working together toward improved online storefronts—maximizing business opportunities and minimizing potential pitfalls.

Key words: contract review, commitment control, customer relations, proactive legal planning, Web-site content



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