Software Quality Professional Editorial Review Board - September 2000 - ASQ

Software Quality Professional Editorial Review Board - September 2000


Jonathan D. Addelston
UpStart Systems, LLC
Reston, Virginia

Selim Aissi
Intel Corporation
Hillsboro, Oregon

Fernando Brito e Abreu
Universidade Nora de Lisboa/INESC
Lisbon, Portugal

Robert N. Charette
ITABHI Corporation
Spotsylvania, Virginia

François Coallier
Bell Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Carol A. Dekkers
Quality Plus Technologies, Inc.
Seminole, Florida

Alec Dorling
Lindome, Sweden

Richard E. Fairley
Oregon Graduate Institute
Hillsboro, Oregon

Tom Flynn
Kaleidoscope Consultants
Dublin, Ireland

Karol Frühauf
Baden, Switzerland

Roderick S. Goult
The Victoria Group Inc.
Fairfax, Virginia

Brian P. Handspicker
Independent Consultant
McKinney, Texas

Hans-Ludwig Hausen
GMD German
National Research Center for Information Technology
St. Augustin, Germany

John W. Horch
COLSA Corporation
Madison, Alabama

Yoshinori Iizuka
University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

Philip C. Marriott
Alcatel USA
Petaluma, California

Denis C. Meredith
Independent Consultant
Churchville, Maryland

Deependra Moitra
Lucent Technologies
Bangalore, India

Sherry Paquin
Litton Marine Systems
Charlottesville, Virginia

Mark C. Paulk
Software Engineering Institute Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Peter T. Poon
Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, California

Steven R. Rakitin
Software Quality Consulting
Upton, Massachusetts

Patricia Rodriguez-Dapena
European Space Agency/ESTEC
Vigo, Spain

Henry Schneider
Houston, Texas

Nancy Selby
Raytheon Systems Company
Denver, Colorado

Stephen Sheng
QES, Inc.
San Gabriel, California

Jeffrey Voas
Reliable Software Technologies
Sterling, Virginia

Dolores R. Wallace
Wallace Software Consulting
Rockville, Maryland

Dave Zubrow
Software Engineering Institute Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Thanks to Reviewers

In addition to members of our Editorial Board (whose names are listed in each issue), each submission to SQP is examined by up to three review panelists. These professionals labor anonymously to evaluate and recommend improvements to all our manuscripts.

As we reach the end of Volume 2, SQP wishes to acknowledge the contribution of those individuals who have reviewed submissions in the past year:

Yingxu Wang
Louise Tamres
Malcolm Stiefel
Joseph Stapleton
Julio Sanz
Scott Ranville
Jason Pryde
Shari Lawrence Pfleeger
David Nuss
Daniel Nation
Norm Moreau
Joe McConnell
Shin Ta Liu
Gloria Leman
Carla Langdon-Sivak
Derek Kozikowski
Dwayne Knirk
Robert Bruce Kelsey
Tammy Hoganson
Gretchen Henrich
Christopher Fox
Uma Ferrell
Sherman Eagles
Scott Duncan
William Dreher
Randy Dojutrek
David Dills
Laura Denver
Raymond Day
Pam Case
Pam Brown
Steven Arndt

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