Software Quality Professional Feedback - September 2000 - ASQ

Software Quality Professional Feedback - September 2000


The response form has been available since the March 2000 issue, but few readers have found or used it so far. This makes it difficult to place much significance in the ratings of individual articles or the preferences that have been expressed. SQP is thankful, however, for the anecdotal evidence received in response to our questions.

What have some of our earliest respondents been saying?

One found value in book reviews, “especially those that are not honey-coated (they identify bad as well as good texts).”

Another singled out “case studies from the field–metrics and benefits accrued.”

What specific topics would they like to see featured in SQP?

“Case studies that will convince everyone to use a process-oriented approach to all software tasks/activities/phases.”

“Measurement, statistical process control, case studies, innovation management, high maturity practices”

“Getting started, health care, Inter/intranet development”

“I would like to see a few articles on consumer software. It seems that most of the articles are based on On-Site software development. I would like to see that same focus applied to consumer software.”

A hearty “Hear!Hear!” came from our Editorial Board when I shared this reader’s comment: “One of the impressions I received from attendees I met at ASQ’s Annual Quality Congress was that software quality was an oxymoron. Most people using consumer software today are bombarded with general protection faults and the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ and seem to just accept it. As software quality professionals we need to educate consumers that they should not be accepting of such poor quality. I would like to see the editors and contributors to this journal take an active role in promoting this mindset.”

The associate editors and I encourage readers to share their thoughts, either through the online response form or by contacting any of us directly.

Paul Croll, Beth Layman, Stanley Levinson, Sue Carroll, and John Pustaver are all as eager as I am to ensure that Software Quality Professional continues to meet your needs. Please provide us with your feedback.

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