Software Quality Professional - September 2019 - ASQ

Software Quality Professional - September 2019

Volume 21 • Issue 4

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  • How to Achieve a Seasoned Cybersecurity Workforce
    By Patricia A. McQuaid and Stephanie Cervantes
    There is a severe shortage of cybersecurity workers in the U.S., which puts the country’s digital privacy and infrastructure at risk. A big problem is finding qualified people to fill these jobs. This article suggests a range of options to help organizations..

Agile Methods

  • A Review of Scaling Approaches to Agile Software Development Models
    By Necmettin Ozkan and Ayca Tarhan
    Scrum authorities and practitioners came up with the idea of scaling and created some models/frameworks for large-scale setup. The aim of this work is to review these scaling agile models in terms of how they provide scaling. This study takes a high-level view of the subject.

Quality 4.0

  • A Sustainable Method to Handle Dark Data in a Smart Factory
    By Mahendraprabu Sundarraj and Rajkamal Mahamuni Natrajan
    This article proposes a systematic and sustainable approach to handle dark data growth, reduce the cost to scale up IT infrastructure, and help manufacturers maximize the benefits of Industry 4.0. It is based on a case study of smart factories.

Virtual and Augmented Reality


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