Software Quality Professional - June 2019 - ASQ

Software Quality Professional - June 2019

Volume 21 • Issue 3

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Safety and Automation

  • The Boeing 737 MAX Saga: Lessons for Software Organizations *Open Access*
    By Phillip Johnston and Rozi Harris
    After two airline crashes, Boeing paused delivery of the 737 MAX. The story provides a case study on the interrelationships between software and systems engineering, human factors, corporate behavior, and customer service. This article examines the events from a safety and software quality perspective.

Data Science

  • Data Science and the Quality Professional
    By Jim Duarte and Jared Dame
    Four types of data scientists are described in detail: the strategist, the boundary spanner, the applications ninja, and the communicator or storyteller. By applying the observations in this article, quality professionals can identify new opportunities for professional development.

Advanced Analytics

  • Structured Approach for Analytics Execution and Measuring Analytics Quality
    By Rajesh Jugulum
    After ensuring incoming data are of good quality, it is important to have structured approaches for analytics execution and metrics to measure the quality of analytics. This article presents a DMAIC-based approach for analytics execution and robust quality index (RQI) to measure quality of analytics.

Cybersecurity Education

  • University and Government Unite to Address Homeland Cybersecurity Issues
    By Patricia McQuaid, Bill Britton, Martin Minnich, Danielle Borelli, Jimmy Baker and Bruce Burton
    There is a direct relationship emerging between cybersecurity skills and quality assurance skills. This article shares the ideas and experiences California Polytechnic State University has created to address high-priority technology and cybersecurity gaps.


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