Software Quality Professional - June 2018 - ASQ

Software Quality Professional - June 2018

Volume 20 • Issue 3

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Enterprise Applications

  • Trust Issues in ERP Implementation: Modeling and Analysis *Open Access*
    By Subhas C. Misra, Sandip Bisui, and Gautam Mahapatra
    Trust among software developers, users, and other stakeholders has become an important dimension of the perceived quality of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The model developed in this article explores trust factors in the context of ERP development, implementation, and control.

Cloud Computing

  • A Cloud Storage Service Quality Trust Model
    By Xiaotong Liu, Edoardo Rubino, and Victor R. Prybutok
    The quality of cloud storage services involves the quality of vendors and the quality of service outcomes; its effectiveness is mirrored by trust of the services. This study posits and empirically tests a new model that examines service vendor quality, service outcome quality, and trust as drivers of cloud storage services: the quality trust model (QTM).

Supply Chain Applications

  • Blockchain for Supply Chain: Improving Transparency and Efficiency Simultaneously
    By M.C. Benton, N. M. Radziwill, A.W. Purritano, and C.J. Gerhart
    This article provides an in-depth examination of blockchain-based distributed ledger technologies in the context of global supply chain management (SCM). It contrasts trustless consensus environments, used by many cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, and permissioned consensus environments, more often in business applications like SCM.

Social and Political Context

  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchains in Emerging Economies
    By Sean Button
    This article examines the quality impacts that a class of technologies might have on societies and economies, taking a step back to addresses the larger-scale business and social value of cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-based systems, emphasizing their unique value proposition in emerging economies.


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