Software Quality Professional - March 2018 - ASQ

Software Quality Professional - March 2018

Volume 20 • Issue 2

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Software Quality Management

  • Developing Action Plans Based on Strategy – Aspects to Consider *Open Access*
    By Peter H. Carstensen and Otto Vinter
    The authors have performed a thorough study of the change strategy literature that is the foundation for the 10 overall change strategies defined in ISO/IEC 33014. Then the authors identified eight aspects that should be considered when developing the concrete actions for executing the strategy.


Standards and Models

  • Using SPICE in the Real World: A Large Infrastructural Project Example
    By Dirk Pfauder, Tomas Schweigert, and Paul Hendriks
    The Dutch Infrastructure Authority Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) has been changing the way of tendering huge infrastructure contracts away from traditional projects to public private partnership (PPP) projects. This article explains problems and potential solutions to related issues.

Software Metrics and Analysis

Standards and Models

  • An ISO/IEC 12207 Perspective on Software Development Process Adaptation
    By Gerard Marks, Rory V. O’Connor, Murat Yilmaz, and Paul M. Clarke
    The authors identify the software development process in a small start-up organization. They then analyze the relationship between the process and the situational context. Their findings support that a software development process is dependent on the organizational context.

Social Context

  • The Impact of Cultural Issues on the Software Process of Very Small Entities
    By Tatsuya Nonoyama, Lian Wen, Terry Rout, David Tuffley, and Rory V. O’Connor
    ISO/IEC 29110 is a standard of software life cycle processes for very small entities (VSEs). The standard does not address the cultural variations in these VSEs. This article states the standard should recognize the impacts of cultural variation on software processes and cultural suggestions.


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