Software Quality Professional - September 2017 - ASQ

Software Quality Professional - September 2017

Volume 19 • Issue 4

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  • Software Reuse Antipatterns — Revisited *Open Access*
    By John Long
    Software reuse is a productivity technique attempted by many, with mixed success. In analyzing reuse failures, a number of antipatterns emerge. Antipatterns are obvious, but wrong, solutions to recurring problems. This article outlines some reuse patterns observed within the software industry.



  • Cybersecurity Cost of Quality: Managing the Costs of Cybersecurity Risk Management
    By Nicole Radziwill and Morgan Benton
    The authors develop a mapping using the concept of quality costs and the framework core within the NIST cybersecurity framework. This mapping can be adopted by organizations already using the NIST CSF for cybersecurity risk management to plan, manage, and continually improve cybersecurity operations.


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