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Software Quality Professional - December 2015

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Volume 18 • Issue 1

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  • Establishing Long-Lasting Relationships between Industry and Academia
    By Patricia McQuaid and Ritendra Banerjee
    So how can industry and academia work better together to produce graduates who not only understand the theory and practice of software engineering and process improvement, but also understand the challenges and have ideas for solutions? This article addresses these issues and serves as a basis for generating additional ideas.


  • The Ethics of Hacking: Should It Be Taught? *Open Access*
    By Nicole Radziwill, Jessica Romano, Diane Shorter, and Morgan Benton
    This article examines the full spectrum of hacking behavior, as well as arguments for and against including hacking in education programs, and recommends that hacking skills be considered an essential component of an education and practice in software quality assurance.


  • A Case-Based Look at Integrating Social Context into Software Quality
    By Nicole Radziwill, Morgan Benton, Kenneth Boadu, and Wilson Perdomo
    Ensuring high-quality software requires considering the social climate within which the applications will be deployed and used. Using principles of technological determinism, this article presents three cases that illustrate why it is becoming even more important to integrate these concerns into software design and quality assurance.


  • Wastage: The Impact of Poor Quality on Software Economics
    By Capers Jones
    When the work patterns of software development and maintenance projects are analyzed, a surprising hypothesis emerges. Software quality is so poor that productivity is much lower than it should be. The amount of software effort spent on software projects that will be canceled due to excessive error content appears to absorb more than 20 percent of the U.S. software work force.


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