Six Sigma Forum Magazine - August 2008 - ASQ

Six Sigma Forum Magazine - August 2008

Volume 7 • Number 4

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    Don’t Forget Data Stratification (PDF, 123 KB)
    Method key in development of Six Sigma project charters.
    John David Kendrick, Business Process Management, Inc.
    Not Just Widgets Anymore (PDF, 107 KB) Open Access
    An ad agency uses Six Sigma to improve ubiquitous meetings.
    Ben Nneji, president, SigmaWorks Group of Omnicom Group, Inc.
    Cutting Inefficiency (PDF, 71 KB)
    One manufacturer optimizes its semiconductor wafer sawing process by building its transfer function.
    Ian San Agustin and Ijaz A. Rauf, Eminent-Tech Corp.


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