Six Sigma Forum Magazine - August 2017 - ASQ

Six Sigma Forum Magazine - August 2017

Volume 16 • Number 4

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  • Blueprint for Success *Open Access*
    Applying FMEA to capital projects in architecture and construction.
    By Frederick W. Faltin and Peter Opitz

  • Leadership and the Law of Empowerment
    Using the Toyota principle can build up your organization from the inside out.
    By Dana M. Crowdus

  • Paradigm Shift
    Achieving operational excellence in a transactional world.
    By Jerry Rosenthal, David Ball, and Tom Spolar


  • From the Editor
    Remembering Mikel Harry, 1951-2017
    By James L. Bossert

  • Guest Editorial
    Creating a Long-Lasting Lean Six Sigma Deployment
    By Forrest W. Breyfogle III, Smarter Solutions Inc.

  • Random Thoughts
    Looking Out for Outliers
    By Joel Smith, Dr Pepper Snapple Group

  • Human Side of Six Sigma
    Conducting Interviews to Promote Information Exchange and Action
    By Deborah Hopen and James J. Rooney

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