Six Sigma Forum Magazine - May 2005 - ASQ

Six Sigma Forum Magazine - May 2005

Volume 4 • Number 3

    Leptokurtosiphobia: Irrational Fear of Non-Normality (PDF, 92 KB)
    It doesn’t pay to worry about the non-normal distribution of residuals.
    John Sall, SAS Institute, and Bradley Jones, JMP Development
    Capability Indexes: Mystery Solved (PDF, 202 KB) Open Access
    The misuse, misunderstanding and abuse of indexes is a risky trend.
    Gregory Roth II, Electrolux
    Use What You Have (PDF, 96 KB)
    A network design model can uncover supply chain savings opportunities.
    Erick C. Jones and Josephine A. Hain, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    DMAIC Failure Modes (PDF, 143 KB)
    Don’t waste DMAIC’s usefulness on the wrong problems.
    Neil Nilakantasrinivasan, Master Black Belt, and Arun Nair, Black Belt


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