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Continuing To Grow


A. Blanton Godfrey

This issue we welcome 11 new members of the Six Sigma Forum Magazine Editorial Review Board. They bring not only a variety of backgrounds in industries and companies, but also an increasingly wider international experience to the magazine. We especially welcome our new reviewers from Europe and Asia, who join current members from North and South America.

These new members of the review board will offer welcome help to the review process as the backlog of articles continues to grow and we strive to provide timely reviews and feedback to authors.

Outside of the magazine, we are seeing growth in the breadth of Six Sigma activities, including more emphasis on top-line growth, improving customer service and reducing cycle times.

For example, in this issue Thomas Bertels and George Patterson share a thoughtful article on the critical issue of choosing projects that matter to the organization’s growth (p. 13). There is probably no issue more important in the success of a Six Sigma launch than selecting the right projects.

Anders P. Fundin and Peter Cronemyr give us an international perspective on using customer feedback and Six Sigma to select projects for improving the new product development process. Click here to see more about their outstanding case study from Sweden.

Gregory Roth addresses another critical issue: how to conduct a thorough machine capability study (p. 22).

These three articles collectively address the subjects your fellow readers say are of greatest interest: case studies, new tools or improved applications of tools and managing the Six Sigma process.

This issue’s “Guest Editorial” features recommendations from T.M. Kubiak of Sears Sigma for choosing the right Six Sigma Black Belt certification program for your oranization.

In “Your Opinion” Ramon Leon has once again assembled an outstanding collection of views on a subject very dear to my heart: teaching Six Sigma in universities. Some of the best quality minds in the United States contributed perspectives on how Six Sigma is being included in curricula or classes—or how it should be taught.

In “Current Literature” Bill Parr offers a recommended list of Six Sigma books that should be on every practitioner’s shelf, plus Parr’s wish list of Six Sigma books not yet written.

We end the issue with a look at Bechtel and its application of Six Sigma in a world-class engineering and construction organization (“Final Thoughts”).

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