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Final Thoughts - February 2003


Jerome Shaw, executive vice president and co-founder, Volt Information Sciences Inc.

Featured Company: Volt Information Sciences Inc.

Editor’s note: This department features Six Sigma related content excerpted from the annual reports and other communications produced by a variety of the world’s most successful companies.

Volt Services Group, the staffing business unit of Volt Information Sciences Inc., claims to be the first leading staffing company to implement Six Sigma.

Volt Information Sciences Inc. is a national provider of staffing services and telecommunications and information solutions for its Fortune 100 customer base.

Six Sigma is an internationally recognized business concept that answers customers’ demands for high quality and error-free products and services.

Volt took a very close look at the many available management systems and determined Six Sigma best fit our goals to provide value to our customers, employees and shareholders. The company is committed to providing all the necessary resources for a successful deployment.

Six Sigma methods will enable the company to consistently quantify and track process improvements, maximize employee productivity, improve service delivery, enhance our organizational focus and efficiency and accelerate the adoption of new staffing technologies.

Six Sigma Customers
Many of Volt’s top customers are Six Sigma companies as well. At Volt, we believe Six Sigma will provide us with the tools we need to align our service strategies with the workforce objectives of these customers.

Volt’s Six Sigma initiative started in August 2002 with the appointment of Excelsis Magno, a certified Master Black Belt in Six Sigma [and member of ASQ], to the position of director, business process improvement.

Magno is responsible for executing Volt’s Six Sigma strategy, developing the necessary tools and overseeing the implementation of the company’s Six Sigma strategy. Prior to joining Volt, she directed the successful Six Sigma implementation for Toshiba America Electronic Components.

Several Milestones
To date, milestones achieved in Volt’s Six Sigma program include the formation and training of its senior executive leadership council for Six Sigma, communication of the Six Sigma mission to the company’s 31,000 employees, and, because Six Sigma is a project based initiative, the identification and acceptance of the first key projects.

In addition, Volt is deploying and training key individuals within its organization as project team leaders. Selected among the company’s highest performing employees, the Black Belts will drive the projects. The company anticipates the successful completion of projects that provide value to all of Volt’s stakeholders.

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Based on a Volt Information Sciences Inc. press release dated Jan. 16, 2003

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