Six Sigma Forum Magazine - February 2002 - ASQ

Six Sigma Forum Magazine - February 2002

Volume 1 • Number 2

    The Honeywell Edge Open Access
    The company’s leaders discuss how they’ve made Six Sigma their change engine for success and the way their people see the world.
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    Achieving Six Sigma Quality in Financial Services (PDF, 68 KB)
    It’s an important step for companies that want sustainable results.
    Dennis Attenello, Attenello and Associates Inc.
    John Uzzi, Roy W. Walters & Associates Inc.
    Six Sigma Payoff (PDF, 50 KB)
    Quality professionals with Six Sigma training are increasing in number and earning more.
    Debbie Phillips-Donaldson, Quality Progress magazine
    How To Implement Six Sigma for Maximum Benefit (PDF, 77 KB)
    A well-conceived program can result in competitive advantage.
    Charles R. Gowen III, Northern Illinois University.
    Manage Behavioral Changes (PDF, 65 KB)
    Six Sigma success has as much to do with people changes as it does with process changes.
    Tracy Thurkow, CLG Inc.
    Merging Six Sigma and IT (PDF, 53 KB)
    It requires automatic capture of measurements and calculation of compliance.
    Tim Young, Proxima Technology


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