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From the Editor: An Auspicious Debut


A. Blanton Godfrey

Publisher Bill Tony and I would like to thank all of you who helped make the launch of this publication a success. We would especially like to thank the authors of the articles in both the first and this issue—and those still in our growing pipeline of manuscript submissions.

Our gratitude also goes to the members of the Editorial Review Board who read, reviewed, commented and often improved the articles. We thank them for the amazingly quick turnarounds that enabled us to get both issues out promptly.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, thank you to the readers who took the time to send us notes about the first issue. These notes of encouragement mean far more to us than you could ever know. One particularly welcome letter came from Jack Welch, expressing appreciation for the cover and “Final Thoughts” articles on him and General Electric’s progress in Six Sigma.

In this issue we continue our focus on actual Six Sigma practice in another leading company, Honeywell. “Final Thoughts” quotes from Honeywell’s annual report. In “The Honeywell Edge”, Larry Bossidy, chairman and CEO, and other Honeywell executives give their views on the progress of Six Sigma within the company.

We also continue our practice of bringing to you different views of other publications covering Six Sigma practices and methods. Our guest editorial this month is by W.H. Woodall, editor of ASQ’s Journal of Quality Technology, who discusses recommendations for Six Sigma textbooks and other sources of information. A different view of the value of the Six Sigma literature is given in “Current Literature” by two graduate students, Dale Gleeson and Jonas Borgsten, who surveyed other students about what books and articles they find most useful in their studies. Gleeson and Borgsten provide candid reviews of some of the most popular literature.

Our intent in Six Sigma Forum Magazine is to cover a wide range of applications, introduce new methods and tools and show how Six Sigma is being used in different organizations, especially in relation to other methodologies. To that end, this issue includes articles on Six Sigma in financial services, the behavioral side of Six Sigma implementation and merging Six Sigma with information technology.

Please continue to send us your comments. We welcome both formal letters to the editor for publication and informal notes with suggestions of topics, criticisms and ideas for continuous improvement—or maybe even some ideas for a Six Sigma breakthrough.

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