From the Editor: About Our New Magazine - ASQ

From the Editor: About Our New Magazine


A. Blanton Godfrey

Welcome to the premier issue of Six Sigma Forum Magazine. The launch of any new venture is always exciting. This one is particularly so, since the magazine is being launched as the flagship publication of ASQ’s new Six Sigma Forum, which is growing incredibly fast. In only a few months approximately 6,000 members from 45 countries have joined the Forum.

I welcome the opportunity to serve the needs of this growing membership as well as anyone else interested in moving forward on their quality journey. My editorial team intends to provide this service by effectively carrying out the mission of this quarterly magazine: providing a holistic view of Six Sigma, from the basics to the boardroom.

In this and future issues of Six Sigma Forum Magazine our goal is to solicit, select and publish outstanding articles in all areas of Six Sigma quality. These areas include new ideas and methods, procedures, case studies of actual practice and discussions of key concepts and their application. We will seek to publish articles from all areas of business activities, all major industries and all areas of the world.

We thought it was appropriate to feature Jack Welch in our first issue to recognize his impact on the Six Sigma discipline. I’m sure you will find value in Greg Watson’s article, “Cycles of Learning: Observations of Jack Welch” (p. 13), as well as our “Final Thoughts” department (p. 56), which highlights GE’s recent Six Sigma successes as told to company shareholders.

An outstanding Editorial Review Board (p. 4) has been assembled to guide the magazine and provide expert review of articles, policies and direction. The magazine will be very customer focused, and our readers are asked to be active participants. Our e-mail addresses are listed to enhance communication, and you are invited to visit the magazine’s website at Please submit articles, ideas for articles, comments, letters and suggestions for future articles, departments or directions. We also welcome your honest criticism.

We want to make this magazine the best source for all aspects of Six Sigma. With your help it will be.

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