Quality Management Journal Introduction - October 2000 - ASQ

Quality Management Journal Introduction - October 2000


 In this issue, we focus on the use of a variety of tools for quality management.

We begin with an article on the use of self-assessment practices. Although we know that quality models, such as the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Excellence, are frequently used by organizations for self-assessment, there is little known about how effective the use of self-assessment models actually is. Ton Van der Wiele of Erasmus University, Alan Brown of Edith Cowan University, Robert Millen of Northeastern University, and Daniel Whelan of the Boston Section of ASQ tackle this issue in “Improvement in Organizational Performance and Self-Assessment Practices by Selected American Firms.” Their findings provide insight into the reasons why self-assessment practices are used, how they are used, and what some of the most commonly used self-assessment practices are. They found a link between the use of self-assessment practices and better performance by organizations.

In “Focus on the Classroom,” M. Michael Umble of Baylor University, and Elisabeth Umble at Texas A&M University, put a new twist on Deming’s red bead experiment in “Developing Control Charts and Illustrating Type I and Type II Errors.” They describe the use of colored beads and paddles to teach the construction of control charts and illustrate Type I and Type II sampling errors. They also show how students can perform experiments to determine an appropriate sample size and manipulate the number of red beads in order to demonstrate the detection of a shift in process mean.

Determination of customer satisfaction can be difficult in any context, but may be particularly so for home buyers, where repeat business is less of a factor. Zeljko Torbica of Florida International University, and Robert Stroh of the University of Florida, describe their development of an instrument for assessing home-buyer satisfaction in “HOMBSAT–An Instrument for Measuring Home-Buyer Satisfaction.” Their discussion focuses on determination of the important factors in home-buyer satisfaction, as well as the measurement properties and potential applications of their instrument.

Benchmarking processes can be a challenge, particularly in services, such as education, where there are fewer tangible outputs. In “Benchmarking the Postgraduate Admission Process,” Thomas Fiekers and Wolfgang Voß of the University of Kaiserslautern, and Barrie Dale and Dale Littler of the University of Manchester, describe their application of benchmarking at the University of Manchester, in the United Kingdom. They benchmarked their admissions process with that of eight other master’s programs within their university, as well as with five other European universities. Their article provides a nice example of the application of Robert C. Camp’s guidelines for benchmarking in a university, particularly in the development of performance indicators.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank William O. Winchell for his hard work in putting together the Dissertation Abstracts, going back to the inaugural issue of Quality Management Journal. With Bill’s retirement as the dissertations editor of Quality Management Journal, we are looking for a replacement. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Kristen Johnson, manuscript coordinator, American Society for Quality at 800-248-1896 or at kjohnson@asq.org.

Barbara B.Flynn

Quality Management Journal


Barbara B. Flynn
Wake Forest University

George S. Easton
Emory University

William A. Golomski
University of Chicago

James B. Kohnen
St. Mary’s College of California

William O. Winchell
Lawrence Technological University


William Tony

Kristen Johnson

Jane Crouse
Kris McEachern

Cathy Schnackenberg

Michael Andes
Jill Zimmerman

Michael Andes


John Anderson
University of Minnesota

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University of Chicago

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University of California

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University of North Carolina

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University of Cincinnati

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University of North Carolina

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University of Tampa

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APEX, Inc.

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Luther Quality Associates

Ram Narasimhan
Michigan State University

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University of Minnesota

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University of Baltimore

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University of Tennessee


Sanjay Ahire
Indiana University South Bend

Susan D. Amundson
Arizona State University

Kimberly A. Bates*
University of Toronto

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Syracuse University

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Michigan State University

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Oklahoma State University

Injazz Chen
Cleveland State University

Barrie Dale*
University of Manchester

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Georgia State University

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University of Arkansas

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Arizona State University

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Bowling Green State University

Susan West Engelkemeyer
Babson College

Byron Finch
Miami University

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University of Wisconsin

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University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth

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Georgia Institute of Technology

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Virginia Commonwealth University

John M. Groocock*
TRW (Retired)

Robert Handfield
North Carolina State University

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University of New Orleans

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Dalton State College

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University of Tennessee

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University of North Texas

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Indiana University South Bend

Jill Phelps Kern
Digital Semiconductor

David Kerridge*
Aberdeen University

Ray A. Klotz
Qualcomm Inc.

Frank Knight
FISI Madison Financial

Ronald D. Kurtzmann
Brewer and Associates

Keong Leong
Ohio State University

A. Magid Mazen
Suffolk University

Satish Mehra
University of Memphis

Kim I. Melton
North Georgia College and State University

Henry R. Neave*
British Deming Association

Yoram Neumann
California State University

William Newman
Miami University

Gary Ragatz
Michigan State University

Gipsie B. Ranney
Belmont University

Richard N. Rosett
Rochester Institute of Technology

Brooke Saladin
Wake Forest University

Helmut Schneider
Louisiana State University

Nirmal Sethia
California State Polytechnic University

John G. Surak
Clemson University

William Tallon
Northern Illinois University

Michael D. Tveite
The Tetrad Group

Peter Ward
Ohio State University

L. David Weller
University of Georgia

Ted Weston
Colorado State University

*International reviewer

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