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Quality Management Journal Introduction - January 2000


We have four interesting articles in this issue of the Quality Management Journal. We begin with “Conceptual Foundations of Strategic Planning in the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence,” in which Matthew Ford and James Evans, both of the University of Cincinnati, tackle the question of whether the Baldrige Award criteria are valid from the perspective of scholarly research. Although the criteria have been widely embraced in practice, they have received considerably less attention in the world of academic research. Ford and Evans survey a wide body of cross-disciplinary academic research and find a considerable amount of support for the concepts embodied in the framework, which focuses on the strategic planning category only. Thus, they suggest that this category, and perhaps the entire framework, is based on sound theoretical principles.

Anders Gustafsson, of the University of Karlstad and Linköping University (Sweden), Fredrik Ekdahl of Linköping University, Kurt Falk of Volvo Car Corporation, and Michael Johnson, of the University of Michigan, develop a case study of a model that Gustafsson and Johnson described in an earlier article published in the Quality Management Journal (volume 4, number 3). This model integrates quality function deployment (QFD) and customer satisfaction modeling (CSM). This current author group illustrates the model through a detailed examination of operations at Volvo. Like many organizations, Volvo monitors customer satisfaction. The article illustrates the way in which Volvo then uses this information to set priorities, improve product designs, track the effects of changes on subsequent customer satisfaction ratings, and identify weaknesses in the current process, thus, illustrating the principles of the model.

William Hartman, of Pennsylvania State University, and Priscilla Feir, of Perkiomen Valley School District, examine customer-supplier relationships in higher education in “Preparation for College: A Customer-Supplier Framework.” College seniors majoring in business and engineering were surveyed to determine how well their high school work prepared them for college. The authors use a quality framework to discuss ways in which high school and colleges can work together to improve the quality of incoming students.

We close with a discussion of the theory of constraints applied to the problem of selecting quality improvement projects. Rexford Draman, of St. Edwards University, and Satya Chakravorty, of Kennesaw State University, examine sequencing of quality improvement projects in “An Evaluation of Quality Improvement Project Selection Alternatives.” They present a description of application of the principles of the theory of constraints to quality improvement project selection, comparing it with other approaches using an example scenario.

Finally, please keep sending us your comments on articles and issues facing the quality management community for Discussion, Debate, Dialogue.

Barbara B. Flynn

Quality Management Journal


Barbara B. Flynn
Wake Forest University

George S. Easton
Emory University

William A. Golomski
University of Chicago

James B. Kohnen
St. Mary’s College of California

William O. Winchell
Lawrence Technological University


William Tony

Tania Kuropas

Jane Crouse
Kris McEachern

Cathy Schnackenberg

Michael Andes


John Anderson
University of Minnesota

Selwyn Becker
University of Chicago

Robert E. Cole
University of California

James W. Dean, Jr.
University of North Carolina

James R. Evans
University of Cincinnati

John P. Evans
University of North Carolina

Frank M. Gryna
University of Tampa

John Hamburg
APEX, Inc.

David Luther
Luther Quality Associates

Ram Narasimhan
Michigan State University

Roger G. Schroeder
University of Minnesota

Kalyan Singhal
University of Baltimore

Michael J. Stahl
University of Tennessee


Sanjay Ahire
Indiana University South Bend

Susan D. Amundson
Arizona State University

Ron Anjard
Anjard International Consultants

Asbjorn Aune*
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Kimberly A. Bates*
University of Toronto

Marcos E. J. Bertin*
Gaspar Campos

Michael Beyerlein
University of North Texas

Paul M. Bobrowski
Syracuse University

Kenneth Boyer
DePaul University

Kenneth E. Case
Oklahoma State University

Injazz Chen
Cleveland State University

Thomas Choi
Arizona State University

Barrie Dale*
University of Manchester

Richard Deane
Georgia State University

John Delery
University of Arkansas

Linda Doherty
Department of the Navy

Kevin Dooley
Arizona State University

Edward Duplaga
Bowling Green State University

Maling Ebrahimpour
University of Rhode Island

Susan West Engelkemeyer
Babson College

Michael Faigen
Dispensing Technologies International Corp.

Byron Finch
Miami University

Mark D. Finster
University of Wisconsin

Laura Forker
Boston University

Miflora Minoza Gatchalian*
Quality Consultants International Inc.

Soumen Ghosh
Georgia Institute of Technology

Glenn H. Gilbreath
Virginia Commonwealth University

John M. Groocock*
TRW (Retired)

Robert Handfield
Michigan State University

H. James Harrington
Ernst and Young

Sandra J. Hartman
University of New Orleans

Marilyn Helms
University of Tennessee

Mary Collins Holcomb
University of Tennessee

Ann Jordan
University of North Texas

Deborah Kellogg
University of Colorado

Gary Kern
Indiana University

Jill Phelps Kern
Digital Semiconductor

David Kerridge*
Aberdeen University

Harvey Klein
Global Strategies Group L.C.

Ray A. Klotz
Qualcomm Inc.

Franklin Knight
DeVilbiss Company

Peter Kolesar
Columbia University

Thomas M. Kubiak
Honeywell, Inc.

Ronald D. Kurtzmann
Brewer and Associates

Keong Leong
Ohio State University

A. Magid Mazen
Suffolk University

Satish Mehra
University of Memphis

Kim I. Melton
North Georgia College and State University

Henry R. Neave*
British Deming Association

Yoram Neumann
California State University

William Newman
Miami University

Geoffrey O. Okogbaa
University of South Florida

Thomas Pyzdek
Quality Publishing Inc.

Gary Ragatz
Michigan State University

John Ramberg
University of Arizona

Gipsie B. Ranney
Belmont University

James J. Rooney
JBF Associates Inc.

Richard N. Rosett
Rochester Institute of Technology

Manus Rungtusanatham
Arizona State University

Brooke Saladin
Wake Forest University

Mark V. Schimelonis
Xerox Business Services

Helmut Schneider
Louisiana State University

Nirmal Sethia
California State Polytechnic University

Christine Shea
University of New Hampshire

Sue Siferd
Arizona State University

Vinod Singhal
Georgia Institute of Technology

Madhav N. Sinha*
Government of Manitoba

John G. Surak
Clemson University

William Tallon
Northern Illinois University

Michael D. Tveite
The Tetrad Group

F. Leroy Walser
University of Oklahoma

Peter Ward
Ohio State University

L. David Weller
University of Georgia

Ted Weston
Colorado State University

Carolyn Woo
Notre Dame University

*International reviewer

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