Quality Management Journal - April 2018 - ASQ

Quality Management Journal - April 2018

Volume 25 • Number 2




  • How Lean Six Sigma Principles Improve Hospital Performance
    By Ana Carolina Honda, Vitor Zanetti Bernardo, Mateus Cecílio Gerolamo and Mark M. Davis
    The healthcare industry continues to emphasize quality and productivity improvements. This study focuses on the implementation of Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) principles in hospitals. Through a qualitative analysis of 35 published case-based papers (33 of specific case studies plus two studies with more than one reported case), the authors found that implementing Six Sigma and LSS concepts can significantly contribute to improving process performance, including waiting time reduction and patient flow with the subsequent impact of increasing patient satisfaction. At the same time, these process improvement techniques also reduce operating costs and inventories, which translate into significant savings for hospitals, thereby creating a win-win situation.
  • Insights into the Antecedents of Fast-Food Purchase Intention and the Relative Positioning of Quality
    By Ahasan Harun, Gayle Prybutok and Victor R. Prybutok
    This research develops and tests a theoretical framework that posits and examines factors affecting purchase intention in the fast-food industry. This study proposes a research model and investigates the complex interrelationships portrayed in the model after extracting relevant antecedents from the extant literature and contextualizing them to the fast-food restaurant industry. Findings also suggest that though quality is important, other antecedents account for more variation in why consumers intend to purchase fast food.
  • Measuring Tourists' Satisfaction and Loyalty: A Perception Approach
    By Ismaiel Abuamoud, Amal Ibrahim and Ramzi Mahmoud Alrousan
    The purpose of this study was to measure tourist satisfaction with the services at two tourist sites in Jordan (the Citadel and Jerash), analyze their characteristics, identify the sources of information tourists used, and categorize their reasons for visiting and the transportation methods they used. Most respondents reported being unsatisfied with the overall experience of on-site services; tourists were less satisfied with cleanliness, restrooms, souvenirs, and lighting.


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