Quality Management Journal - January 2018 - ASQ

Quality Management Journal - January 2018

Volume 25 • Number 1




  • Managing Quality Crossroads in Healthcare: An Integrative Supply Chain Perspective
    By John W. Gardner, Kevin W. Linderman and Kathleen L. McFadden
    Managing quality in healthcare involves critical decision making at the intersections of multiple supply chain and operations processes. Building on an integrated supply chain perspective, the authors develop the concept of “quality crossroads” to explain crucial intersections between quality processes and those related to strategy, purchasing, operations, customer relationship, and logistics processes.
  • Managing Service-Specific and Open-Posting Block Sizes when Allocating Operating Room Time
    By Kevin Taaffe, Lawrence Fredendall and Rebecca Weiss
    The perioperative services (periop) manager establishes policies to manage the operating room (OR) resources that affect both patient and surgeon satisfaction with the hospital's service. Both the surgeon and the patient are customers of the periop department, and their satisfaction is a measure of the service quality.
  • The Effect of Waiting Time on Patient Perceptions of Care Quality
    By Quinton J. Nottingham, Dana M. Johnson and Roberta S. Russell
    This research explores the effect of waiting time on patient satisfaction in the context of rural healthcare clinics, with data from a three-year time period. Patient satisfaction was measured by overall quality of care, likelihood of recommending the care provider, and likelihood of recommending the practice.
  • Towards a Triadic Quality Measurement Framework for U.S. Healthcare
    By Subhajit Chakraborty and Hale Kaynak
    Although there are various measures of healthcare quality, such as those used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), an inclusive perspective that considers the patient, the hospital's external and internal relationships, and the nodal organizations is missing.


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