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Quality Management Journal - July 2017

Volume 24 • Number 3

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  • Applying Lean Six Sigma in the Wood Furniture Industry: A Case Study in a Small Company *Open Access*
    By J. E. Guerrero, S. Leavengood, H. Gutiérrez-Pulido, F. J. Fuentes-Talavera, and J. A. Silva-Guzmán
    This paper presents a study on the implementation of Lean Six Sigma in a small furniture company. Results show that by applying LSS the firm could reduce defects, reduce waste, and increase sales productivity. Thus, LSS implementation could be useful for small wood-furniture companies.
  • The Moderating Effect of Gender in Urgent Care Service Satisfaction
    By Hong Qin, Kittipong Boonme, Benjamin George, and Victor Prybutok Qin, Hong; Boonme, Kittipong; George, Benjamin; Prybutok, Victor
    The objective of this study is to investigate the extent to which gender serves as a moderator in the relationships between healthcare service quality, patient satisfaction, and behavioral intention in the urgent care industry.
  • Scale Measurements for Airline Service Quality to Secure Passenger Confidence in Air Travel
    By M. V. Deepa and K. Jayaraman
    To remain competitive, airline service providers must render quality service to their customers. This study identifies some of the service quality dimensions applicable to the aviation industry that can be leveraged by the airline companies to gain competitive advantage.


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