Quality Management Journal - April 2004 - ASQ

Quality Management Journal - April 2004

Volume 11 • Number 2

  • Investigating the Association Between Productivity and Quality Performance in Two Manufacturing Settings (PDF, 230 KB) * OPEN ACCESS *
    Constantine Kontoghiorghes and Robert Gudgel
    In their quest to survive and succeed in a highly competitive global market, organizations today are forced to produce quality products at a very low cost. Hence, given the competitiveness-related pressures, many organizations continuously seek ways to simultaneously improve productivity and quality.
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  • Quality Improvement Under Budgetary and Life-Cycle Constraints (PDF, 394 KB)
    Brian Neureuther and George Kenyon
    According to Goldratt, the goal in business is to make a profit in the present as well as in the future (1992). To others, the goal may be to provide goods and services in order to stay in business with profit, a by product of this goal. Regardless of one’s view, continuous process improvement can help firms obtain their goal.
  • The Lesson of Guild History: Variance Reduction Must be Balanced with Innovation (PDF, 200 KB)
    Francis Wolek
    J. M. Juran challenges us to learn from the history of quality management, and this article responds with a study of the guilds, an important predecessor of quality management. The long history of the guilds includes significant change over time and between different industries and countries.
  • TQM and Organizational Culture: A Case Study (PDF, 213 KB)
    W. Brady Boggs
    Transforming a mature church from a bureaucracy to an organization based on total quality management is no small undertaking. It requires strong leadership, major change in organizational culture, andno,m years of effort. The church in this study has been undergoing organizational transformation since 1993.


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