Journal for Quality and Participation - October 2019 - ASQ

Journal for Quality and Participation - October 2019

Volume 42 • Number 3

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  • A Quick Refresher on the Kano Model *Open Access*
    By JQP Staff
    This article summarizes the development of key concepts of the Kano Model—the process for gaining deep insights regarding customers’ preferences.
  • Using the Kano Model as a Basis for Strategic Thinking *Open Access*
    By Gregory H. Watson
    This article shares how understanding and applying the Kano Model properly can change the way organizational leaders develop and deploy strategies that ensure products and services will drive customers’ purchasing decisions and loyalty, ensuring long-term business sustainability.
  • Case Study: An Exploration of Patient Satisfaction Attributes Using the Kano Model
    By John Dew
    This study shares how the Kano Model can be deployed to identify a diverse range of patient needs and convey the benefits of using it for the continuous improvement of the healthcare sector.
  • Case Study: Implementing Quality Management System Essentials
    By Jolanta S. Jacobs, Saida Aliyeva, and Asef Omarov
    This study highlights the process of introducing and using quality management systems in diagnostic laboratories in the country of Azerbaijan.
  • Rethinking the Basics, Risk Matrices
    By Jim Rooney
    This is the first article in a continuing series that will discuss reliability and risk management approaches. The first installment involves the use of risk matrices.


  • Marketing Change
    How is Marketing Different Than Sales?
    By Todd Hockenberry
  • Creating a Shift
    Where Did the Energy Go?
    By Rick Maurer
  • Off the Shelf
    This piece provides a closer look at the book, How the Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In, written by Jim Collins.
    By Brooks Carder
  • Editor’s Notebook
    Finding Meaningful Ways to Delight Customers
    By Deborah Hopen

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