Journal for Quality and Participation - January 2019 - ASQ

Journal for Quality and Participation - January 2019

Volume 41 • Number 4

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  • Using ISO 9004 to Drive Business Sustainability
    By Alka Jarvis and Paul C. Palmes
    This excerpt from the book, Business Sustainability: Going Beyond ISO 9004: 2018, discusses the importance of quality management systems and how disruptions affect their impact on business performance. 
  • An Introduction to Human Errors *Open Access*
    By José Rodríguez-Pérez
    This modified excerpt from the book, Human Error Reduction in Manufacturing, defines human errors and how they represent a symptom of the actual root causes associated with many problems.
  • Integrating Digital Wisdom and Human Capital
    By Bishwajit Nayak and Som Sekhar Bhattacharyya
    The framework that emerged from this research project not only applies to the health insurance industry, but it also provides important insights on how senior executives perceive humans will contribute to enhance customers’ experience and business performance in the digital age.
  • Applying Adult Learning Principles, Technology, and Agile Methodology to a Course Redesign Project
    By Azizeh Elias Constantinescu and Newton B. Moore
    Adult learning principles, technology, and agile methods combined to create greater learner engagement in this Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course redesign while demonstrating that these approaches can revolutionize the way organizations foster professional development.
  • Rethinking the Basics: Takt Time and Workload Balancing
    By Elizabeth M. Keim
    How are the traditional concepts and techniques associated with quality and process improvement affected by human factors? This series, authored by experts in the field, shares insights on the ways people impact change projects.


  • Editor’s Notebook
    Human Foibles and Quality
    By Deborah Hopen
  • Marketing Change
    Marketing Isn’t Just for Products and Services
    By Todd Hockenberry
    Using marketing principles to engage internal and external customers in process improvement.
  • Creating a Shift
    Are You Tired of Big All-Hands Meetings?
    By Rick Maurer
  • Educator’s World
    Global Perspectives on Quality in Education
    By Bo Bergman, Beth Cudney, Paul Harding, Zhen He, and Pedro Saraiva
  • Off the Shelf
    By Brooks Carder
  • Final Thoughts
    The Impact of Human Factors on Quality
    By Susan Peiffer


  • The Help Desk
    Value-Added Analysis, Parts 1 and 2
  • Quality Thoughts
    By Gregory H. Watson
    How Does Scientific Inquiry Transform Historical Knowledge?

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