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Journal for Quality and Participation - January 2018

Volume 40 • Number 4

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  • Quality Confronts Global Challenges of the Coming Century *Open Access*
    By Gregory H. Watson, Lars Sörqvist, Elizabeth M. Keim, and Narayanan (Ram) Ramanathan
    Challenges to well-being and success are affecting individuals, organizations, and society on a daily basis. By expanding the role of the quality professional, even seemingly insurmountable problems can be addressed more effectively and efficiently.
  • The Future of Quality
    By Ronald D. Snee and Roger W. Hoerl
    Holistic improvement methods that rely on new approaches for problem solving and statistical analysis will advance quality and organizational success in the future when supported by leadership, strategic thinking, and a quality culture.
  • The Membership Economy: Redefining the Promise of Quality *Open Access*
    By Robbie Kellman Baxter
    As modern lifestyles change across the globe, the approaches for achieving customer satisfaction and quality are evolving into a new economic approach that will impact how organizations design products and services in an effort to build loyalty and sustainable performance.
  • Building Quality Communities *Open Access*
    By Quint Studer
    One challenge that many people are experiencing across the globe is finding a place to live that provides a satisfactory quality of life. The account of Pensacola, Florida’s revitalization shows how thoughtful change-management practices and the engagement of local stakeholders can drive improvement.
  • Changing Tires in the Express Lane
    By John Robert Dew, Ardith Beitel, and Gina Hare
    As the challenges for the quality field in the future become apparent, the need for education and training also shift. This affects the entire lifecycle of learning—from primary school through high school, higher education, and workforce development.


  • Editor’s Notebook
    The Challenge of Challenges
    By Deborah Hopen
    Ideas for tools for promoting change.
  • Creating a Shift
    By Rick Maurer
    Ideas for tools for promoting change.
  • Final Thoughts *Open Access*
    Living in Liminal Times
    By Izzy Gesell
    The final article reflects on how in a world where the field of quality is facing many challenges, adopting a liminal perspective and sharpening your comfort with change and your creativity skills can take you from being stuck in the past to being a person who leads the way to new approaches.


  • Finding Solutions to Quality Issues That Affect all Aspects of Healthcare Across the Globe
    By Susan Peiffer, Gary Kollm, Cherie Graham-Clark, Romain Denis, Grace L. Duffy, Vicente “Alberto” Araujo, and Pierce Story
    Providing healthcare services that not only address patients’ existing needs but also improve general health and well-being—regardless of their differing needs and expectations—requires a complex mixture of approaches and tools.


  • Lessons From Academia
    The Role of Strategic Planning in Implementing a Total Quality Management Framework
    By Jacobus Johannes Oschman
    The second installment of this summarized article from the Quality Management Journal demonstrates how an organization can address the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities to improve when top management becomes involved in the strategic planning process and establishes total quality management (TQM).
  • Book Briefs
    By Staff
    New publications related to the people side of quality.

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