Journal for Quality and Participation - October 2017 - ASQ

Journal for Quality and Participation - October 2017

Volume 40 • Number 3

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  • Editor’s Notebook
    Moving from Little q to Big Q
    By Deborah Hopen
  • Creating a Shift
    Bringing the Value of Quality to Life in Your Organization
    By Rick Maurer
    Ideas for tools for promoting change.
  • Lessons From Academia
    The Role of Strategic Planning in Implementing a Total Quality Management Framework
    By Jacobus Johannes Oschman
    This summarized article from the Quality Management Journal demonstrates how an organization can address the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities to improve, when top management becomes involved in the strategic planning process and establishes total quality management (TQM). This first installment presents the background information that was used to establish the need for and design of the research project.
  • Final Thoughts *Open Access*
    The Challenge of Organizing Business as a System
    By Gregory H. Watson
    The final article explores the view that there are really two distinct gemba—one that reflects the working world of the little q quality management system while the other gemba addresses the quality aspects of the Big Q work environment.


  • Details on the ITEA Criteria *Open Access*
    By Deborah Meeks, Patti Trapp, and Barry Bickley
    The expert panel which shared suggestions for improvement in the print article also identified the common strengths and opportunities that have been observed during team presentations. Their insights are summarized in this article.
  • More Information on the ITEA Program *Open Access*
    By Staff
    ITEA trainers and judges are listed.
  • Public Library Case Study
    By Ali Zarghami and Don Benbow
    This supplemental article shows how the 8D problem-solving process was used to assist a public library.


  • Educator’s World
    Five Tips for Running a Quality ASQ Student Branch
    By Suhansa Rodchua and Joleen Byerline
    This article shares best practices from the University of Central Missouri related to running an active ASQ student branch.
  • Book Briefs
    By Staff
    New publications related to the people side of quality.

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