Journal for Quality and Participation - July 2017 - ASQ

Journal for Quality and Participation - July 2017

Volume 40 • Number 2

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  • ASQ Needs Transformational Change *Open Access*
    By William J. Troy
    ASQ CEO Bill Troy describes how the Society is facing the need for transformation, and the change approach that is being used to make the transformation.
  • What Was the Point? Meaning Flowing From Disruption *Open Access*
    By Stephen K. Hacker
    Both individuals and organizations could benefit from a shift in mindset to address inevitable employment changes in a productive and evolving manner.
  • Surveying the Minefield *Open Access*
    By Patricia Lee Eng and Paul J. Corney
    The new book, Navigating the Minefield: A Practical KM Companion, is based on interviews with individuals who have created and managed successful knowledge management programs. This excerpt addresses the fundamental tasks that were shared in the interviews.
  • Eliminate Hiring Delays Forever: Why Faster Hiring Results in Higher Quality Hires
    By Scott Wintrip
    Building a pipeline of candidates who fit an organization will speed up the hiring process and help to maintain quality and productivity.
  • Burn the Popcorn: Brainstorming Myths
    By Carol Knight-Wallace
    Although brainstorming is a popular method for gathering input from a group of people, maybe it’s time to shake up the old rules of engagement when engaging in this activity.


  • Editor’s Notebook
    Crossing Choppy Waters
    By Deborah Hopen
  • Creating a Shift
    Why Is it so Hard to Get Helpful Feedback?
    By Rick Maurer
     This article provides suggestions on how to improve the process of giving feedback.
  • Educator’s World
    Listening to the Voice of the Student in Course Design
    By Elizabeth A. Cudney
    This article focuses on research that was completed to better understand students’ individuality when learning and processing information and to also make note of their expectations for college courses.
  • Quality Thoughts
    The Impact of Profound Knowledge on Leadership and Strategy
    By Gregory H. Watson
    This article explores how profound knowledge affects modern organizations.
  • Final Thoughts *Open Access*
    The Value of ASQ Publications
    By Susan Peiffer
    Long-time ASQ member Susan Peiffer shares her thoughts on the benefits of ASQ’s various publications.


  • Protecting Your Quality Budget *Open Access*
    By Patti P. Phillips and Jack UJ. Phillips
    Quality professionals can do a better job of validating the worth of programs by managing and measuring projects in a way that substantiates the return on investment.


  • Lessons From Academia
    A Social Networking Site Quality Model
    By  Brandon Phillips, Daniel Peak, and Victor Prybutok
    This summarized article from the Quality Management Journal is the second installment focusing on a model for social networking site quality. This article covers the research methodology, hypotheses, and results.
  • Book Briefs

    New publications related to the people side of quality.

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