Journal for Quality and Participation - January 2017 - ASQ

Journal for Quality and Participation - January 2017

Volume 39 • Number 4

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  • Editor’s Notebook
    Facing and Dealing With the Unknown Future
    By Deborah Hopen
  • Quality Thoughts
    What Does Quality Actually Mean?
    By Gregory H. Watson
    Investigating the thinking behind contemporary perspectives associated with quality.
  • In My View
    Program Champions’ Influence on the Application of Quality Approaches
    By  Christopher Bertoni

    This piece shares the author’s views regarding the influence that program champions have on quality approaches.
  • Educator’s World
    Dealing With College Students’ Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
    By Ry Anne Millett-Thompson
    A first-hand look at the issues that many of today’s college students are facing and how colleges and universities could address them.
  • Final Thoughts *Open Access*
    Thinking About Change Imperatives for the Future
    By  Grace L. Duffy
    This pieces shares thoughts about where the quality profession should be going in order to get out in front of generational and global changes.



  • Lessons From Academia
    A Symbiotic Relationship
    By  Richard Schonberger
    This summarized article focuses on the advantages of integrating quality management and lean methods to improve processes.
  • Book Briefs
    By  Staff
    New publications related to the people side of quality.

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