Journal for Quality and Participation - October 2016 - ASQ

Journal for Quality and Participation - October 2016

Volume 39 • Number 3

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  • The Influence of Human Factors on ISO 9001:2015 Compliance *Open Access*
    By John E. (Jack) West and Charles A. Cianfrani
    The 2015 revision of the ISO 9001 standard has introduced many new considerations related to the human aspects of the quality management system (QMS). Understanding how leaders and all other members of the organization need to support the QMS is critical to its successful, sustainable application.
  • The Value of Using the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework in Manufacturing Organizations
    By Prabir Kumar Bandyopadhyah and Denis Leonard
    The Baldrige framework is used extensively as a foundation for internal systems, but there has been a substantial decrease in the number of manufacturing organizations applying for the award. This research study validates some of the reasons associated with that development.
  • The Impact of Human Factors on a Hospital-Based Quality Management System
    By Susan E. Peiffer, Pierce B. Story, and Grace L. Duffy
    Industry standards can be extremely valuable for assisting organizations in designing and implementing their own systems based on frameworks that are aligned with their specific circumstances.
  • Auditing Strategy for ISO 9001:2015
    By Chad Kymal
    When standards and other frameworks are used as models for an organization’s processes, having a suitable audit strategy can ensure appropriate compliance and corrective action.
  • Purpose and Shared Values are the Heart in Employee Engagement
    By Dennis Baltzley
    Survey data from around the world substantiates that clearly demonstrating how an organization’s purpose connects to employees’ personal values, the community, and society is a key strategy for engaging future leaders.


  • Editor’s Notebook
    Balancing Functionality and Human Factors
    By Deborah Hopen
  • Educator’s World
    Merit Pay in Higher Education
    By Morgan Benton and Nicole Radziwill
    This article explores the design considerations associated with merit pay systems and their application in higher education.
  • Creating a Shift
    But I Just Want to Help Them!
    By Rick Maurer
    Ideas for tools for promoting change.
  • From Academia
    Team Charters
    By  William I. Norton, Jr. and Lyle Sussman
    This article provides information on the use of team charters to ensure alignment of team efforts with organizational goals and performance.
  • In My View
    Positively Changing the Culture
    By  Anthony Golembiewski
    This author shares his experiences and successes in changing an organization’s culture.
  • Final Thoughts
    Managing Your Quality System
    By  Gene Barker
    As an organization matures in involving everyone in the pursuit of quality, the roles of the quality department change.



  • Book Briefs
    By  Staff
    New publications related to the people side of quality.

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