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Journal for Quality and Participation - January 2016

Volume 38 • Number 4

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  • Understanding and Achieving Social Responsibility *Open Access*
    By Joan Marques
    As the world gets smaller, the perspectives and efforts of organizations and individuals must get larger to ensure a sustainable future. Quality professionals have the knowledge and skills to pave a better way for simultaneously creating success for their organizations and society.
  • Making the Case for and Defining Sustainability, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Responsibility
    By Joseph J. Jacobsen
    This excerpt from the book, Sustainable Business and Industry Designing and Operating for Social and Environmental Responsibility, demonstrates the value of thinking and acting in a way that is socially responsible.
  • The Case for Ensuring Supplier Social Responsibility
    By Jennifer S. Stepniowski
    Savvy organizations are expanding their interests in social responsibility to their suppliers, creating forward-thinking networks across the globe that are improving working conditions while simultaneously generating better performance.
  • Cost of Social Responsibility
    By Daniel Zrymiak
    It’s no longer sufficient to track just the traditional aspects associated with the cost of quality. Now, the costs associated with social responsibility, including negative impacts, can be incorporated into a broader model that provides a better perspective of organizations’ effects on society.
  • At Your Service—Leadership That Truly Inspires
    By Wendy O’Connell and David Gibbons
    Linking an organization’s purpose to its social responsibility initiatives provides an excellent platform for creating a service focus among leaders.
  • Building the Social Responsibility Foundation
    By Michelle S. Bernhart and Francis J. “Sonny” Maher
    An excerpt from the e-book, ISO 26000 in Practice: A User Guide, offers insights for organizations at the starting point of their social responsibility journeys.
  • Solving the Mystery of the Missing Fifth “S”
    By Bruce Bader
    This humorous allegory paints a clear picture of why it takes all five S’s to attain a sustainably efficient operation.


  • Editor’s Notebook
    Changing the Size of Your Footprint
    By Deborah Hopen
  • Stewardship and Sustainability
    Supporting Education by Re-imagining the Philanthropic Experience
    By Missy Sherburne, an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need, has defined a new philanthropic tool.
  • Social Responsibility
    Did You Know?
    By Staff
    Useful tips and resources for living in a more socially responsible way.
  • Final Thoughts
    Social Responsibility: A Participation Essential
    By  Holly A. Duckworth
    Easy actions that most organizations can readily take to involve everyone in social responsibility.



  • Educator’s World
    Boosting Graduates’ Confidence in Statistics
    By Michael Babula, Luis Veras, Alp Idil Ersoy-Babula, Max Tookey, Fraser Nicolaides, Al Infande, and Tom Olalekan Lawson
     Recent research points to a lack of statistics knowledge in today’s graduate students.
  • Modern Analytics and the Future of Quality and Performance Excellence
    By  James R. Evans
    Business analytics have become increasingly important to management, and quality professionals should become more involved in their application.
  • Creating a Shift
    Bad Relationships Trump Good Ideas
    By  Rick Maurer
    Ideas for tools for promoting change.

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