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Journal for Quality and Participation - April 2016

Volume 39 • Number 1

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  • Is the Workplace a Zombie Breeding Ground? *Open Access*
    By Stephen Hacker
    Creating an environment that fosters the development of spiritual intelligence is a key leadership strategy for encouraging individuals not to choose to become zombies.
  • Case Study: Sustaining and Institutionalizing Quality Circles
    By Namrata Jajoo and Aparna Kakkad
    Quality circles, a specialized form of workplace teams, have been used for many years in some organizations. Learn what features of the program design are most beneficial to the sustainability and institutionalization of this technique that fosters employee engagement in problem solving.
  • Coaching for the 21st Century
    By Allen Moore
    The requirements for successful leadership are continuing to change. Coaches who support leaders’ development must not only recognize these new success factors but also learn new ways of guiding leaders to understand and practice them.
  • Cost of Social Responsibility
    By Daniel Zrymiak
    It’s no longer sufficient to track just the traditional aspects associated with the cost of quality. Now, the costs associated with social responsibility, including negative impacts, can be incorporated into a broader model that provides a better perspective of organizations’ effects on society.
  • Optimizing Your Green Belt Coaches’ Network
    By Steve Pollock and Daro Mott
    Developing the most capable Green Belts possible requires more than effective initial training. A coaches’ network provides opportunities for continuing learning through structured conversations and discussion of experiences.
  • Innovation and Quality—An Alliance for Value Creation
    By Patrick Stroh
    When fully aligned, innovation and quality can achieve demonstrable, measureable, and important results in your organization’s value proposition—keeping it relevant and differentiated.
  • In My View: Creating a Better Community From the Top
    By Jeffrey Hayzlett
    A productive and positive work environment starts at the top, where we need to question things and have zero tolerance for excuses.


  • Editor’s Notebook
    The Art and Science of Creating a High-Performance Workplace
    By Deborah Hopen
  • Educator’s World
    Fostering Individual, Organizational, and Societal Success
    By Deborah Hopen and Elizabeth Cudney
    This article raises some questions related to STEM education to generate a dialogue on its strengths and opportunities.
  • Social Responsibility
    Did You Know?
    By Staff
    Useful tips and resources for living in a more socially responsible way.
  • Creating a Shift
    Gaining Agreement Among Team Members
    By Rick Maurer
    Ideas for tools for promoting change.
  • Final Thoughts
    Team Success Starts at the Top
    By  Chuck Underwood
    Effective leaders understand that one of the best ways to generate engagement is to harness the power of people by having them work together in teams to achieve common goals.


  • Establishing, Nurturing, and Growing New Quality Circles
    By Namrata Jajoo and Aparna Kakkad
    As described in the case study, “Sustaining and Institutionalizing Quality Circles,” a survey and follow-up interviews of RCF employees helped compare the perceptions of those who had and had not participated in the quality circles program.
  • Solution-Focused Coaching: An Approach for Resolving Employee Complaints
    By Michael Cardus
    This article describes how an understanding of typical employee complaint classifications and finding a skeleton key that can create positive change provides a pragmatic tool for managers.
  • The Need for a Road Map
    By Joe Kilbride
    This excerpt from the new book, Road Map for the Baldrige Journey: A Guide to Effective Use of the Criteria for Performance Excellence and Baldrige-based Award Programs, explains why just having the criteria available isn’t enough to change an organization’s performance.


  • Lessons From Academia
    The Effect of Modern Analytics on the Role of the Quality Function
    By James R. Evans
     This summarized article focuses on a how business analytics affect the future role of quality professionals.
  • Stewardship and Sustainability
    Lab Apprenticeships—Building a Workforce in a Tight Labor Market
    By  Paul Dionne
    A novel apprenticeships program helps transition new graduates, veterans, and underemployed mid-career STEM-experienced professionals into positions that develop careers not only in quality, but also in regulatory affairs and clinical research.

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