Journal for Quality and Participation - Summer 2007 - ASQ

Journal for Quality and Participation - Summer 2007

Volume 30 • Number 2

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  • Editor’s Notebook (PDF, 58 KB)
    Coming From Every Direction
  • Educator's World (PDF, 104 KB)
    Debriefing: An Essential Final Step in Doctoral Education
    Marianne DiPierro
    Debriefing can help both dissertation advisors and graduate students improve the process and garner valuable feedback.
  • Tools for Transformation (PDF, 153 KB)
    Am I Talking to Me? The Power of Internal Dialogue to Help or Hinder Our Success
    Izzy Gesell
    What is self-talk? How can negative self-talk undermine performance? What do we need to do to turn negative self-talk into a positive force in our lives?
  • In My View… (PDF, 69 KB)
    The Self-Sufficiency Syndrome
    Peggy Collins
    If you’re trying to do too much and you’re afraid to ask for help because you might look incapable, you probably think that “help” is a four-letter word.
  • Creating a Shift (PDF, 48 KB)
    How Improv Can Help Quality
    Rick Maurer
    Don’t focus on looking good or proving yourself. Instead, focus on your audience and success is virtually assured.
  • Resources for Success (PDF, 59 KB)       
    Books and articles/conference proceedings from ASQ’s Quality Information Center and other sources can provide more information on people and performance.
  • This Issue in Summary (PDF, 50 KB)
    Overviews of the key articles in this issue to help you prioritize your reading.


Of General Interest: People, Pride, and Performance

  • Which Workplace Habits Do You Need to Break to Become More Successful? (PDF, 98 KB)
    Marshall Goldsmith
    These 21 habits may have helped you get to your current level of achievement, but they can prevent you from attaining greater success.
  • Unlocking Genius in Yourself and Your Organization (PDF, 95 KB)
    Alan Gregerman
    Stop saying that you are not curious and creative. Now’s the time to dust off your natural ability for innovation.
  • Building a Successful Mentoring Program (PDF, 81  KB)
    Robert McCauley
    Almost all managers agree that mentoring is a great approach for developing employees. Why isn’t it used more frequently? How do you start a program?
  • Re-examining the Traditional Communication Model (PDF, 111 KB) Open Access
    Russell Westcott
    A set of filters exists between every sender and receiver in the communication process. Some of the filters are obvious, and some are more obscure, creeping out from our personal perceptions and experiences.
  • Long-Term Investments Can Yield High Returns (PDF, 61 KB)
    Jo Haberstok
    U Clink, clink. There’s just been a deposit in your emotional relationship bank. Make sure that your withdrawals don’t drive your balance to an unacceptable level.
  • Perceptions of Management Philosophies (PDF, 183  KB)
    Arthur Adams, Mahesh Gupta, and Louis Raho
    How far have we progressed from the theories of Taylor and traditional management? Are the principles of total quality management really embraced these days? Is constraint management taking hold? This article compares the impressions of ASQ professionals and educators on the progress that’s been made.


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