Journal for Quality and Participation - Winter 2005 - ASQ

Journal for Quality and Participation - Winter 2005

Volume 28 • Number 4

  • Editor's Notebook (PDF, 57 KB) Open Access
    Murphy's Law and Strategic Planning
  • In My View… (PDF, 70 KB) Open Access
    The Future of Conversation
    In this day of global connectivity through technology, what’s the future of face-to-face conversation?
    Loren Ekroth
  • Creating a Shift (PDF, 60 KB) Open Access
    Corroded Spigots and Organizational Change
    Three things separate success from failure when leading change: people need to understand the nature of the change thoroughly, they must feel the need to change emotionally, and they need to trust the person who is leading the change.
    Rick Maurer
  • On the Trail to a Solution. (PDF, 116 KB) Open Access
    Part 6: Things That Go Bump in the Night
    This article is the sixth installment in a seven-part series on ways to improve your organization’s problem-solving efforts, making them more fun and rewarding for team members.
    James Rooney and Deborah Hopen
  • Resources for Success (PDF, 56 KB) Open Access
    Books and articles/conference proceedings from ASQ’s Quality Information Center and other sources can provide more information on strategic planning.
  • This Issue in Summary (PDF, 52 KB) Open Access
    Overviews of the key articles in this issue to help you prioritize your reading.

Feature Topic: It's All in the Plan

  • Design and Execution of a Collaborative Business Strategy (PDF, 88 KB) Open Access
    After briefly reviewing the history of strategic planning and its key concepts, this article covers the four-step process: policy setting, policy deployment, policy implementation, and policy review.
    Greg Watson
  • The Art and Process of Strategy Development and Deployment (PDF, 90 KB) Open Access
    What is the practical purpose of a strategic plan? What are the most common approaches organizations use to develop and implement their plans? Nine processes are reviewed briefly in a standardized format that makes it possible to compare and contrast their features and help your organization choose which one(s) best fit your needs.
  • Driving Focus and Alignment With the Balanced Scorecard (PDF, 84 KB) Open Access
    The balanced scorecard was developed in response to the predominant practice of most organizations to focus on financial measures-often with a total disregard for the factors that generate favorable financial results. This article describes the balanced scorecard and shares an example of the results obtained with its use.
    Paul Niven

Of General Interest

  • The Case Against Targets (PDF, 83 KB) Open Access
    Ready for some controversial thinking about the value of setting numerical targets for organization-wide performance? This article contends that there's value in setting goals that define where improvements should be focused but that arbitrary targets actually distract change efforts and even can lead to cheating.
    Randy Spitzer
  • Case Study: What's the Point of Planning? (PDF, 69 KB) Open Access
    There are lessons to learn from a government compliance agency's experiences with strategic planning.
    Bruce Waltuck

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