Fostering a Culture of Deep Inquiry and Listening

Journal for Quality and Participation vol. 28 issue 2 - June 2005

Abstract: Skillful communication is vital to the successful management of the critical issues and challenges facing today's organizations. Transforming an organization into a culture of deep inquiry and listening requires overcoming the entrenched culture that has become an agent of dysfunction. To begin the transformation, it is necessary to have a clear idea of how dysfunction appears within and affects the organization. Positive change begins with the organization's leaders and then radiates outward to influence how groups, individuals, and the company as a whole operate and interact. Revisiting the five communication skills of intention, receptivity, courage, deep inquiry, and deep listening can transform an organization's culture and aid in realizing its vision. A sidebar article provides an application case study.

Keywords: Change strategies - Communication - Cultural change - Leadership - Listening - Management commitment - Change management - Organizational culture

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