Journal for Quality and Participation - Winter 2004 - ASQ

Journal for Quality and Participation - Winter 2004

Volume 27 • Number 4

  • Editor's Notebook (PDF, 51 KB) Open Access
    The Spice of Life
  • In My View… (PDF, 69 KB) Open Access
    Diversity: Making Sense of It Through Critical Thinking
    If we learn how to think critically and become lifelong learners, we can acquire the tools of mind needed to deal with issues of diversity. How can we do that, however, if our teachers don't know what critical thinking is or how to pass the skill on to others?
    Linda Elder
  • Practical Tips (PDF, 56 KB) Open Access
    Cultural Competence in a Multicultural Society: A Checklist
    Take this short assessment to check out the depth of your understanding of multicultural thinking and discover opportunities for making your workplace a more culturally friendly environment.
    Jean Lau Chin
  • On the Trail to a Solution… (PDF, 109 KB) Open Access
    What's In? What's Out? Defining Your Problem
    This article is the second installment in a seven-part series on ways to improve your organization's problem-solving efforts, making them more fun and rewarding for team members.
    James Rooney and Deborah Hopen
  • Creating a Shift (PDF, 61 KB) Open Access
    Tips for Leading Change
    Want some ideas on how to lead change in your organization? Check out these practical tips from people in the trenches who have learned from real-life experiences.
    Rick Maurer
  • Up for Debate (PDF, 75 KB) Open Access
    Diversity Programs to Grow?
    This issue's guest author predicts that diversity training will grow in 2005. What do you think? Do you agree? Find out how to submit your comments and your suggested debate questions.
    Mike Hyter
  • Resources for Success (PDF, 55 KB) Open Access
    Books and articles/conference proceedings to provide more information on diversity management and critical thinking.
  • This Issue in Summary (PDF, 46 KB) Open Access
    Overviews of the featured topic and general interest articles in this issue to help you prioritize your reading.

Feature Topic: Valuing Diversity in All Shapes and Sizes

  • The Vision Renewal Process: How to Achieve Bias-Free Leadership (PDF, 112 KB) Open Access
    Many leaders are afflicted with "Guerilla Bias," a fear-based form of excessive accommodation that actually causes discrimination and undermines effective decision making. Learn a seven-step process for renewing your vision and overturning your biases.
    Sondra Thiederman
  • Leveraging Diversity: Moving From Compliance to Performance (PDF, 74 KB) Open Access
    Does your organization view its diversity management efforts as compliance programs or as a means of gaining access to minority markets? Replacing these limited perspectives with an integrated business strategy for diversity will help your organization realize increased innovation, improved employee satisfaction, and increased flexibility and versatility in rapidly changing markets.
    Sherryl Stalinski
  • What Gets Measured Gets Done: Achieving Results Through Diversity and Inclusion (PDF, 96 KB) Open Access
    You can measure the results of your diversity/inclusion strategy, and your measurements can include data on the types of behavioral changes needed for that strategy to succeed.
    Maureen J. Giovannini

Of General Interest

  • Changing Leadership Behavior (PDF, 78 KB) Open Access
    What if you didn't get paid for your coaching efforts unless key stakeholders verified that true behavioral change had occurred? This internationally famous coach shares the process that he uses and a case study that demonstrates how that process can be applied in your organization.
    Marshall Goldsmith
  • Quality Takes an Artistic Detour (PDF, 68 KB) Open Access
    Have you ever had an "out-of-the-box" idea that took a heap of effort to get permission to implement and then spiraled out of control? If you have, this entertaining, but true, tale of change management and the change agent's role in the process should resonate with you.
    Kenny Moore
  • Case Study: Improving Agency Performance and Service Delivery (PDF, 90 KB) Open Access
    A state's governor is its CEO and with that role comes the opportunity to ensure that agencies perform effectively and efficiently. This article shows the steps that the state of Washington used to make dramatic improvements.
    Mary Campbell

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