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Volume 9 · Issue 2 · February 2004


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ISO/DIS 14001 Obtains 94% Vote of Approval in TC 207

ISO/DIS 14001 received a 94.11% vote of approval among P-members of ISO/TC 207, while balloting of ISO/DIS 14004 resulted in a 96.3% vote of approval. Canada, Finland and the US cast the only votes of disapproval of ISO/DIS 14001, with only Canada and Finland voting to disapprove of ISO/DIS 14004. However, with 595 comments submitted on ISO/DIS 14001—including more than 125 technical comments on the standard itself—some changes might occur. Nevertheless, the EMS DISs will likely be elevated to FDISs when WGs 1 and 2 meet in March 2004. Information about the vote results, the comments and the prospects for a proposed US rewrite of Subclause 4.5.3 is included.