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Volume 8 · Issue 8 · August 2003


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GHG Standard: 2 Parts Near CD Status, 1 Part Nears First WD
John C. Shideler writes that, at a meeting of WG 5, Climate Change, of TC 207 in Bali, two parts of ISO 14064, which will provide specifications on the quantification, reporting and verification/validation of GHG emissions, moved forward and are expected to be issued as CD1s for comment by the end of September 2003. Meanwhile, Part 2 was not as far along as the others and is expected to be issued as a WD1 by that time. Shideler provides a firsthand account of the WG 5 meeting in Indonesia, with some additional comments from Sergio Galeano on the meeting and whether US concerns with the three parts of the GHG emissions standard were adequately addressed.