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Volume 8 · Issue 7 · May 2003


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ISO 14001/4 Revisions Elevated to DIS

Baskar Kotte writes that WGs 1 and 2 of TC 207/SC 1 completed the process of addressing all comments submitted on the CD2s of ISO 14001/4. Both were elevated to DIS status and are expected to be published by December 2004. Kotte reports on the meeting of WG 1, where two key US objections to ISO/CD2 14001 were successfully addressed, although a third objection was not. Two other notable changes were made in elevating ISO 14001 to DIS that will likely raise objections when the US TAG next meets. Kotte also provides a look at ISO/CD2 14004, to which the US had no key objections, and at the revisions made in elevating it to DIS.