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Volume 8 · Issue 11 · November 2003


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Implementing ISO 9001:2000 at Bonfils Blood Center

Can QMS implementation and registration make a blood supplier healthier, stronger and more efficient? Denise E. Robitaille writes that the largest supplier to the medical communities in Colorado, Bonfils Blood Centers, registered to ISO 9002 in 1998 and successfully transitioned recently to ISO 9001:2000. William C. Dickey, MD, recognized that increased efficiency would allow his organization to better serve the medical community by mitigating increases in the cost of blood products and would create opportunities to streamline processes and allocate more financial resources towards research and the improvement of blood products. To illustrate the successful implementation of ISO 9001:2000 at Bonfils, Robitaille uses the 8 Quality Management Principles to demonstrate the value it has obtained.